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1701, 2019

402: A humanist congregation, local issues

By | January 17th, 2019|Podcast|

James Croft is the Outreach Director of the Ethical Society of St. Louis, a longstanding humanist congregation, and one of the largest in the world. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, James talks about what [...]

801, 2019

401: Reflections from a new grandfather

By | January 8th, 2019|Podcast|

It's a new year! A time for fresh ideas and new beginnings, and so much has been happening in Bart Campolo's life that this episode serves as an update and a reflection on various themes, [...]

2212, 2018

338: Ho ho ho!

By | December 22nd, 2018|Podcast|

A quick Christmas greeting from Bart Campolo, urging secular folks like himself to embrace the holiday for what it is, and be their best humanist selves during the season. — Follow this podcast on Twitter [...]

1212, 2018

337: An old friend and a worldview challenged

By | December 12th, 2018|Podcast|

Bart Campolo's oldest and closest friend, Matthew Rodreick, is this week's guest on the podcast. Matthew's life has been shaped by his son Gabe's spinal cord injury, sustained around a decade ago when Gabe was [...]

412, 2018

336: Is there a truly selfless act?

By | December 4th, 2018|Podcast|

Today's caller was in line at a drive-through coffee place, and decided to pay for the people behind her in line. But she realized that, in the course of doing so, the rewarding feeling she [...]

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