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Bart Campolo is a secular community builder, counselor and writer who currently serves as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati. Listen to his podcast HERE!

433: Should it worry me that the government is demonizing secular people?

The question being asked this week: "Hey Bart, I listened to a speech by Attorney General William Barr at Notre Dame University, in which he denounced ‘militant secularists’ and said they were trying to destroy the ‘traditional moral order’. Does this worry you as much as it does me?" Bart Campolo sits down with John [...]

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432: The meaning of cartoons, with Josh Strider

Josh "Phantom" Strider is an Australian YouTuber known for his commentary on cartoons. He's also an avid listener of the Humanize Me podcast and one of our supporters on Patreon! In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Josh talks about the secularism of Disney, the messages of VeggieTales, the importance of cartoons for those like him [...]

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430: What It Means to Be Moral, with Phil Zuckerman

How do we decide whether it's good or bad to intervene in global warming or growing inequality? Or how to treat our dog? Phil Zuckerman has written a new book giving a foundational framework for secular - nonreligious - morality. In this conversation Phil talks with Bart Campolo about the four reasons you can't get [...]

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429: Changing Minds Part II, with David Fleischer

In Episode 423 of this podcast, David Fleischer talked with Bart Campolo about changing minds with the methodology of 'deep canvassing.' In this episode, David returns! He and Bart talk about the next election, Trump as the opposite of loving and humanist, how to encourage people to vote without shaming them about not voting last [...]

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428: High profile deconversions and secular ‘churches’

In this episode of Humanize Me, Bart Campolo and John Wright talk about two recent deconversions from Christianity and a recent article by Faith Hill in The Atlantic which looks at the trajectory of secular 'churches' like Sunday Assembly and analyzes their declining numbers. Joshua Harris's well-known 1997 Christian book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, shaped [...]

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427: Recovering from Religion, with Gayle Jordan

Gayle Jordan is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Recovering from Religion, which connects people with support on their journeys out of religious faith. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Gayle talks about her own deconversion story, the work of her organization, the helpline it operates, the common issues people face after losing or [...]

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426: Most meaningful episodes of other podcasts

In this episode, Bart Campolo talks about the most meaningful or humanizing episodes of other podcasts. It's 20 minutes of thoughtful recommendations! Here are the individual episodes we recommend most highly. To hear why they're recommended, listen to the episode! Enjoy. Hidden Brain: Creating God and The Vegetable Lamb RadioLab: From Tree to Shining Tree [...]

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425: Fathers and their sons, with Roman Campolo

Not every family allows you to listen in on their personal conversations. But in this episode, Bart Campolo sits down with his son Roman where they talk about fathers and sons, Bart's relationship with his dad Tony, competitiveness, choosing diplomacy over conflict, Bart's self-identity as a guy who doesn't put his best effort into succeeding, [...]

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424: REPRISE: Making the most of life, with Hemant Mehta

This classic conversation with The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta, is one of the most shared episodes we've ever done. Hemant talks with Bart Campolo about squeezing more life out of our awareness of death, and making the most of the precious opportunity we have in our moments of consciousness. Hemant's popular blog can be found [...]

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