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Bart Campolo is a secular community builder, counselor and writer who currently serves as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati. Listen to his podcast HERE!

526: Re-Enchantment, with Daniel Shkolnik

This week we air Bart's interview on the podcast Re-Enchantment with host Daniel Shkolnik. We don't do this often, but we liked this interview a lot, and Daniel is a guy committed to the ideas we share so passionately. Subscribe to Re-Enchantment wherever you listen to podcasts, and at

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525: Similar values, but contentious under the hood

Bart and John attempt to answer a listener question whose family, despite practically compatible values, insists on framing everything with respect to their religious beliefs. This is causing contentious conversations, and the listener wants to know how to handle it. — Follow this podcast to stay up-to-date: Twitter: @HumanizeMePod Instagram: @HumanizeMePodcast Facebook Group: Check [...]

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524: Lessons from Haiti, with John Engle

John Engle, known for his work with Haiti Partners, joins Bart to answer the question, "What have you learned from your work in Haiti that may be relevant to the tough times we're going through here in the United States this year?" — Follow this podcast to stay up-to-date: Twitter: @HumanizeMePod Instagram: [...]

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523: The Death of the Artist, with Bill Deresiewicz

Bill Deresiewicz is an award-winning essayist and critic who has written a new book. The book warns that the art we all love - music, books, films and much more - is in jeopardy. Based on deep research and interviews with artists and content creators, Bill is worried that the digital economy isn't supporting that [...]

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522: How should a humanist respond to the Falwell scandal?

A scandal for the ages has emerged about of one of the most prominent evangelical Christian leaders of the Trump era. In this episode, Bart and John attempt to answer the question, "What would make a humanistic response to the situation with the Falwells?" — Follow this podcast to stay up-to-date: Twitter: @HumanizeMePod Instagram: @HumanizeMePodcast [...]

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520: Speech, tolerance and open debates, with Mark Oppenheimer (Part 2)

In this Part 2 with Mark Oppenheimer, recorded later after both had listened back to their first conversation, Mark and Bart return to take the earlier convo in a practical direction. Including: Facebook versus Letter to the Editor, steel-manning, don’t act in ways you wouldn’t let your kids act, diversity including identity and ideology, features [...]

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518: Speech, tolerance and open debates, with Mark Oppenheimer (Part 1)

Mark Oppenheimer is a friend of this podcast who is a signatory to a recent open letter published by Harper's Magazine, in praise of open debate and tolerance for differing opinions, and against some aspects of 'cancel culture', dogmatism and censoriousness. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Mark chats about why he signed the letter, [...]

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517: Is intimacy possible between people who have different worldviews?

"Hi Bart, I know in your podcast you talk a lot about people in 'suddenly interfaith' marriages, where one is a believer and the other has since left, and obviously there are obstacles, but what I want to know is: Does anything work? Is intimacy possible between people of radically different worldviews?" Bart's perspective: Sometimes. [...]

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