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Speaker, Facilitator, Consultant

My thanks for being interested in my work, and my apologies for the unfinished nature of this page. Simply stated, over the years I’ve spoken at universities, youth events, conferences, marches, congregational meetings, fund-raisers, and training seminars around the world. I’ve also served as a consultant and facilitator for a wide variety of non-profit organizations, and have even overseen my share of funerals. In other words, I’ve still got plenty to say, and I’m quite happy to step in front of just about any live audience.


Frequently Asked Questions

The first step in arranging a speaking engagement or consultation is to contact me here letting me know the date, time and location of your event. If I’m available, we’ll set a time to meet, via phone, Skype or FaceTime, to discuss my participation in your event.

In general, I charge $500 per day/event, plus expenses, but I often offer discounts for special circumstances.

I’m comfortable speaking on a wide variety of topics, and often tailor or create presentations for a particular audience. Here are some recent titles:

  • Dealing with Death
  • Why Proactive Love May Be Your Most Rational Life Strategy
  • How to Find (or Build) Your Tribe
  • The Power of Community
  • The Craft of Friendship
  • Good Apologies And The Wisdom of Forgiveness
  • Staying Connected To Loved Ones Who Think and Believe Differently
  • Building Authentic Relationships Across Barriers of Race/Age/Gender/Income