A bigger issue than cyber-terrorism

Maybe it’s because I live near Hollywood, but most of the conversations I’ve had about the Sony hack and The Interview have focused on issues of free speech and cyber-terrorism. Everyone from President Obama on down seems intent on protecting those of us in the Free World from the monomaniacal destruction of Kim Jong Un, [...]

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Thanks for your fairness, Jonathan Merritt!

I met Jonathan Merritt a few years ago, while I was working with the Telos Group on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and was impressed by both his intellect and his compassion. Later we talked about my emerging humanist identity, and agreed that he might write about it once I figured out exactly what I was doing. [...]

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On trusting media portrayals

Since coming to USC in September, much has been said and written about my transition from evangelical Christianity to secular humanism, especially in the evangelical community. I haven’t read all the articles, let alone all the crazy comments and arguments that follow them, but I’ve seen enough to be reminded of my first rule of [...]

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