Kids need… what?

Hey Bart, I am enjoying keeping up with your podcast and blog, etc. I wonder if I might pick your brain a little? At this point I am probably described best as an universalist/humanist with a base in Christianity. Our family quit attending church a couple of years ago. I LOVE not going to church [...]

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A talk on secular community building

As an evangelical Christian platform speaker, I regularly spoke to huge, boisterous crowds at music festivals and youth conventions, with all kinds of high-tech lights and cameras capturing my every word from multiple angles. Those days are long gone, of course. I’m still out there trying to motivate people to make the most of their [...]

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A bigger issue than cyber-terrorism

Maybe it’s because I live near Hollywood, but most of the conversations I’ve had about the Sony hack and The Interview have focused on issues of free speech and cyber-terrorism. Everyone from President Obama on down seems intent on protecting those of us in the Free World from the monomaniacal destruction of Kim Jong Un, [...]

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Thanks for your fairness, Jonathan Merritt!

I met Jonathan Merritt a few years ago, while I was working with the Telos Group on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and was impressed by both his intellect and his compassion. Later we talked about my emerging humanist identity, and agreed that he might write about it once I figured out exactly what I was doing. [...]

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On trusting media portrayals

Since coming to USC in September, much has been said and written about my transition from evangelical Christianity to secular humanism, especially in the evangelical community. I haven’t read all the articles, let alone all the crazy comments and arguments that follow them, but I’ve seen enough to be reminded of my first rule of [...]

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