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506: When to tell people you’ve deconverted, and 2 other questions

On this Q&A episode of the podcast, we take 3 questions in a row! Question 1 is about why Bart decided to tell his parents he wasn't a Christian anymore at the time he did, and how the calculation would have been different if he wasn't a 'professional Christian'. Questions 2 is about starting humanist communities [...]

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505: A journey in human rights, with Greg Asbed

Greg Asbed is a human rights strategist developing a new model—worker-driven social responsibility (WSR) for improving conditions for low-wage workers within the twenty-first-century labor market. In this wide-ranging conversation with Bart Campolo, Greg talks about his background, his life and how he got here. Greg became a MacArthur Fellow in 2017. For the United Nations [...]

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504: In the pew but questioning

Bart takes a call from a questioning Christian looking for advice on who and what to listen to. It's a reminder that our listeners aren't all in the same place on their religious journey, and Bart shares some thoughts on the many paths ahead. — Follow this podcast to stay up-to-date: Twitter: @HumanizeMePod Instagram: @HumanizeMePodcast [...]

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503: Rituals and our nature, with Sasha Sagan

In previous episodes of this podcast, we've established that rituals are important. But why? And how is it connected to our own nature, and the nature around us? Sasha Sagan has written a book all about the subject. It would be hard to imagine a more Humanize Me book, and by such a gifted communicator! [...]

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502: On answering your questions

Bart Campolo has been a counselor in one context or another for many decades. As listeners to this podcast, we invite you to submit your questions! Are you looking for advice about a relationship in your life? Got a friend in a predicament? Want to know how to handle a situation? Call us at (424) [...]

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501: A Cripple’s Dance, with Gabriel “Freaque” Rodreick

'How are you not freaking out?' is the question Gabe asks in one of the two songs we play in this inaugural episode of 2020. Gabe is an artist, musician, poet and more. His C5 spinal injury, incurred when he was 15 years old, left him paralyzed from the armpits down. What more could there [...]

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439: Faith and the post-believer

It's an end-of-the-year podcast from Bart Campolo, who answers a question from a listener called John. John wants to know whether faith (of a sort) can still be useful for a post-Christian, whether believing something without evidence can sometimes have its benefits. Bart answers with a riff on the difference between optimism and hope, and [...]

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438: Christian climate skeptics and how rhetoric matters, with Emma Bloomfield

Emma Bloomfield researches the intersection of science and religious rhetoric, particularly around issues of climate change, human origins and the body. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Emma talks about how Christians tend to think differently about science and the environment, the three ‘types’ of religious climate skeptic (separators, bargainers and harmonizers), the similarities between [...]

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436: A Christian with ‘Zero Theology’, with John Tucker

John Tucker used to be a literalist Christian, but says he has now rejected the 'belief paradigm' to move beyond either accepting or rejecting the claims of religion. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, John lays out how he sees truth now, and says that he thinks religious claims should be expressed only as catch-22s. [...]

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