325: AA Beyond Belief, with Joe C

It's often noted that Alcoholics Anonymous sounds like a religious movement, with its appeal to a 'Higher Power'. But Joe C. is the founder of a group called AA Beyond Belief, which he says exists to provide a space for AA agnostics, atheists and freethinkers worldwide. Bart Campolo has wanted to have a conversation with [...]

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324: Is it really okay to favor our own groups?

Bart Campolo thinks his kids are the best in the world. Well, not objectively speaking. Well, sort of. I mean, he really prefers his kids to your kids. But he hopes you feel the same way about your own. Is that right? Is that okay? And is there any problem with that sort of 'us-them' [...]

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323: Street Epistemology with Anthony Magnabosco

It's not a term most people use every day, but street epistemology is a thing. Anthony Magnabosco is one of its more prominent ambassadors, largely because he routinely captures his efforts on video and posts them on the internet. What is street epistemology? It's a conversational tool which uses Socratic questioning to help people expose [...]

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322: How to be alone without freaking out

This week's question comes from a listener who finds it hard to spend time alone without having a really difficult time over it: "Hey Bart. Okay, so when my girlfriend goes away on business trips, I experience a ton of anxiety. And it isn't that I'm jealous of her - I'm I'm totally glad that [...]

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321: Secrets with Frank Warren

Curating peoples' secrets. It's a decidedly odd vocation, but Frank Warren has been doing it for a long time now through his ever-popular online art project, PostSecret. People anonymously send Frank their most intimate, private, beautiful, scandalous, horrifying, amazing, unspoken thoughts on postcards (yes, through the mail!) and Frank posts a new batch of them [...]

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320: Where do you get your morality?

In this episode Bart takes a question that, he joked upon hearing it, may easily have come from his Christian father: "What is the basis for your morality? I am not asking what your morality says, such as 'Do not gossip', 'Be trustworthy' or 'Be forgiving.' I am asking the 'Why?' question about your morality [...]

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319: The Art of Community with Charles Vogl

Charles Vogl helps leaders transform loneliness and separation into connection and belonging. His book, The Art of Community, is the book Bart Campolo says he always wished he had to recommend to people who wanted to build their own groups and nurture them. In this conversation between Charles and Bart, they talk about life's 'inner [...]

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318: How to do a platonic coffee date

Bart answers a question from a listener called Erin, who called our 'Q Line' to ask how to start to make new connections with people: "How do I talk to people at the beginning of something new? Say I meet someone and I want to be friends with them or there's someone I haven't seen [...]

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317: Human-centered design with Kate and Ramsey

Human centered design (HCD), and its closely-related sibling, impact design, is about understanding challenges facing people or society, and working with others to design solutions to those challenges. Design thinking is an interdisciplinary thing, a collaborative process and a highly skilled area. Kate Hanisian and Ramsey Ford are the co-founders of Cincinnati-based 'Design Impact', leading [...]

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316: He told my 5 year-old son he’s going to Hell!

On this week's Q&A episode of Humanize Me, Bart answers a question from a listener called Matt (who called our new 'Q Line' to leave his question for Bart directly). Matt's question concerned his 5 year-old son, who was given an abrupt theology lesson from his 6 year-old cousin recently: "My son mentioned that he [...]

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