317: Human-centered design with Kate and Ramsey

Human centered design (HCD), and its closely-related sibling, impact design, is about understanding challenges facing people or society, and working with others to design solutions to those challenges. Design thinking is an interdisciplinary thing, a collaborative process and a highly skilled area. Kate Hanisian and Ramsey Ford are the co-founders of Cincinnati-based 'Design Impact', leading [...]

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316: He told my 5 year-old son he’s going to Hell!

On this week's Q&A episode of Humanize Me, Bart answers a question from a listener called Matt (who called our new 'Q Line' to leave his question for Bart directly). Matt's question concerned his 5 year-old son, who was given an abrupt theology lesson from his 6 year-old cousin recently: "My son mentioned that he [...]

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315: Sexy, but not an object with Glenda Jordan

Glenda Jordan makes money by being sexy, and dancing on stages in a form of adult entertainment. But that doesn't mean that she is merely a sex object, or that she gives up her humanity to do it. So what's the difference between objectification and empowerment? In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Glenda talks about [...]

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314: Why, Anthony Bourdain?

Suicide is on the minds of the many after some prominent ones in the past week or two. So today, we get to a question close to the hearts of the rest of us: "How should we think about high profile suicides like those of fashion designer Kate Spade and TV personality chef Anthony Bourdain? [...]

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313: Former megachurch pastor Kent Dobson thinks differently

Like Bart Campolo, Kent Dobson had a prominent Christian father, and, like Bart, Kent finds himself a post-evangelical. But, although their journeys share some similarities, these two have not ended up in the same place. Kent thinks differently. In this wide-ranging conversation between them, Kent talks about his current work with a values-based community that [...]

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312: Why do we still cry out in times of crisis?

Bart Campolo doesn't believe in God anymore. But recently, while attempting to ride a new tandem bicycle for the first time, he fell, damaging his wrist, and immediately cried out: "Why? Why me!" It seems to be instinctive behavior for homo sapiens, but how should we think about it? Is it good to 'lean in' [...]

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311: Women Who Explore with Lindsay MacNevin

Have you ever wanted to get into the outdoors more but been a little intimidated by other groups who do? Or do you find it hard finding groups where everybody is open to new friendships? Women Who Explore is a community dedicated to getting women into the outdoors, and it's ended up creating hundreds of [...]

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310: How should we respond to the homeless?

When you're asked for money by a homeless person, or pass someone who appears to be homeless standing in a doorway or on a street corner, how should you respond? That's the topic addressed in this, the first of Humanize Me's regular Q&A episodes. Bart Campolo is joined by the podcast's producer John Wright to [...]

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308: Science Mike (Mike McHargue)

In this episode Bart talks (a lot) with new pal Mike McHargue, aka Science Mike, whose two podcasts, Ask Science Mike and The Liturgists (with Michael Gungor) are HUGE among the still-kinda-Christian-but-with-lots-of-questions crowd.  We don’t normally post anything this long, but so many of Science Mike’s listeners told him this was their favorite [...]

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