331: Rethinking psychedelics, with Ashley Booth

Just say no! That's the mantra most of us have picked up from authority figures in our lives about drugs of all sorts, no matter their category. But for our guest Ashley Booth and a growing number of scientists, doctors and thinkers, it's become clear that our culture threw the baby out with the bathwater [...]

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330: What makes a good ritual? with Keith Page

Some of the things people abandon when they leave the church are rituals. But this week's Q&A features a voicemail by listener Morris Bird, who asks: "The word ritual is used to describe things as innocent as reading the newspaper. On the other hand, it's used to describe sinister cult ceremonies. I'm curious, what are [...]

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329: Becoming an ‘Evidist’ with Jeff Haley & Dale McGowan

Don't worry; if you've never heard of 'evidism', you're not alone. This is a term coined by the guests in this episode, inventor Jeff Haley and author Dale McGowan, to describe people committed to fact-based, evidence-based thinking. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Haley and McGowan talk about their book, Sharing Reality: How to Bring [...]

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328: Cultivating friendship – who to choose?

How does one decide who to pick to be friends with? Bart Campolo and John Wright look at this question as a sort of 'Part 2' to the last Q&A about cultivating good friendships: "I really enjoyed Episode 326 where you guys talked about how being interested in other people is the first step to [...]

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327: Alternatives to monogamy with Dedeker Winston

No defaults. That's how Dedeker Winston, and her romantic partners Jase and Alex, see the foundation of their relationship structure: conscious, intentional choice around a lifestyle that works for the people involved in it, rather than defaulting to the monogamy (or serial monogamy) of our culture. As a former evangelical Christian, Dedeker not only left [...]

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326: Cultivating friendship; the first step

It's a line Bart Campolo uses a lot in this podcast and elsewhere, that the essence of life is cultivating loving relationships with other people. Today's question asks how to begin the process of doing that: "Bart often talks about about cultivating loving relationships, but I’m never sure what he means or what I’m supposed [...]

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325: AA Beyond Belief, with Joe C

It's often noted that Alcoholics Anonymous sounds like a religious movement, with its appeal to a 'Higher Power'. But Joe C. is the founder of a group called AA Beyond Belief, which he says exists to provide a space for AA agnostics, atheists and freethinkers worldwide. Bart Campolo has wanted to have a conversation with [...]

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324: Is it really okay to favor our own groups?

Bart Campolo thinks his kids are the best in the world. Well, not objectively speaking. Well, sort of. I mean, he really prefers his kids to your kids. But he hopes you feel the same way about your own. Is that right? Is that okay? And is there any problem with that sort of 'us-them' [...]

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323: Street Epistemology with Anthony Magnabosco

It's not a term most people use every day, but street epistemology is a thing. Anthony Magnabosco is one of its more prominent ambassadors, largely because he routinely captures his efforts on video and posts them on the internet. What is street epistemology? It's a conversational tool which uses Socratic questioning to help people expose [...]

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322: How to be alone without freaking out

This week's question comes from a listener who finds it hard to spend time alone without having a really difficult time over it: "Hey Bart. Okay, so when my girlfriend goes away on business trips, I experience a ton of anxiety. And it isn't that I'm jealous of her - I'm I'm totally glad that [...]

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