605: Connection after deconstruction

From a listener: "I left my faith about 14 years ago. It has been a lonely experience, especially since back then, there wasn't the same connections through the internet that there are now. It seems like deconstruction is almost pop culture now, and being talked about everywhere. Anyways, I appreciate what you're doing and I'm [...]

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604: Constructive disagreements, with David C. Smalley

How can we learn to have our disagreements across ideological divides more constructively and respectfully? David C. Smalley may be something of an expert at this point, having conducted hundreds of long-form conversations - many of them with Christians - on his podcast for the last 11 years. In this episode with Bart Campolo, David [...]

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603: Thoughts on the Inauguration

Bart and John share thoughts about the Inauguration of President Biden, the emotions it raises, what is entailed in turning the page as a nation, how to begin to bring Trump's most fervent supporters back into conversation, the importance of rituals like this, the Inauguration as a civic religious ceremony, and the actual religion in [...]

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602: Coping with insecurity, with songwriter Ali Tamposi

What does it take to cope in a high-pressure, competitive environment... without falling into harmful behavior? Ali Tamposi is a grammy-nominated songwriter who has written for some of the biggest names in pop music: Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, John Legend, Ozzy Osbourne and many others. She's also Bart Campolo's daughter-in-law-to-be. In this conversation, [...]

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530: A very COVID Christmas

A coronavirus story, Bart's contention that Christmas should be once every 4 years, and a reminder that life isn't 'supposed to' be perfect. LISTEN HERE

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529: REPRISE: Better conversations II, with David Fleischer

The second of two classic installments of this podcast that we’re posting on the topic of better conversations. Last week, we heard about the method called 'street epistemology'. This time, we're hearing about 'deep canvassing', used by our guest David Fleischer of the Los Angeles LGBT Center to change votes. We hope it’ll help you [...]

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528: REPRISE: Better conversations, with Anthony Magnabosco

In a reprise of this classic conversation with Anthony Magnabosco, we talk about a conversational tool which can change the course - and productivity - of those most difficult exchanges, the ones between people who disagree on fundamental things in life. Anthony is an advocate of 'street epistemology', and it could be a very useful [...]

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527: Stream of consciousness

Bart gives a stream-of-consciousness update from under his rock, including stark thoughts about the recent attempted suicide of a close friend, an unexpected gift from another, and an attempt to recenter around gratefulness. The classic article on chess Bart mentions (circa 1992) can be found HERE. LISTEN HERE

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526: Re-Enchantment, with Daniel Shkolnik

This week we air Bart's interview on the podcast Re-Enchantment with host Daniel Shkolnik. We don't do this often, but we liked this interview a lot, and Daniel is a guy committed to the ideas we share so passionately. Subscribe to Re-Enchantment wherever you listen to podcasts, and at ReEnchantmentPod.com. LISTEN HERE

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