420: How to become confident in social situations

This question is one about confidence: "I love the stuff you guys are doing about friendship, but I think it assumes a level of confidence in social situations that I don’t feel. How do I generate the kind of confidence that will enable me to initiate conversations or hold my own in social settings?" Bart [...]

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419: Restoration after tragedy, with Dr. Kate Wiebe

When a tragedy happens, people tend to run from the pain. Dr. Kate Wiebe runs toward it. Kate is the founder and director of the Institute for Trauma and Growth, which started with a focus on faith communities and has since expanded. When a mass shooting, disaster or other tragedy strikes, Kate and her team [...]

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418: How to grow your inner circle

On this week's episode of Humanize Me, Bart Campolo answers this question: "I just read an article saying that, like me, the average American has just one close friend, and 1 in 4 of us have none at all. I want to fight the 'loneliness epidemic' and have decided to make a really big effort [...]

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417: Dave Warnock is dying out loud

“I’m in no hurry to exit this world. I love this world, I love life, I love people, I love community, I love humanity, I love conversations, I love sex, I love all the things that make life good. I love a good cigar, I love to have my bourbon, I love a good meal, [...]

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416: Why do we hurt those we love?

Why are we meanest to those we're closest to? 'Facebook Bob' asks whether we're monsters for this tendency, or whether we simply don't think there'll be any significant consequences for lashing out. Bart Campolo and John Wright talk about it, and the need for greater self-awareness. On Patreon this week: The 6th of 8 sessions [...]

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415: REPRISE: The social impact of the internet, with Hank Green

Way back in April 2017, Hank Green joined us on the podcast. But chances are, many of you who listen in 2019 have never heard it! On this week's episode, Bart Campolo introduces that conversation, in which he and Hank talk about individuals versus groups, how to get on the same page with people in your [...]

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414: Where was Bart last week? Grief and the Platinum Rule

Where was Bart last week, why didn't he answer anyone's emails or calls, and why didn't we release a new episode of the podcast? That's what producer John Wright demands to know at the start of this week's Q&A episode. In response, Bart lets us in on a week of private grief, and some of [...]

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413: Help! My daughter is interested in a boy!

A listener question prompts Bart Campolo to give some advice about how to open up good conversations with your children about sex and relationships. Our listener is the mother of a 12 year-old girl, who, it is discovered, is interested in a boy at school. The girl's father is panicking and concerned while the mother [...]

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412: Don’t panic about porn! with Dr. Marty Klein

Sex expert and therapist Dr. Marty Klein has a lot to say about pornography. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Marty talks about porn and relationships, how people are ultimately responsible for the narrative they're telling themselves, the importance of novelty in human sexuality, the 'contracts' people have in relationships, how people respond to the [...]

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411: Why don’t you become a Unitarian Universalist?

A listener named Benjamin calls to ask why Bart feels the need to 'reinvent the wheel' with secular community-building, rather than simply join a Unitarian Universalist congregation. Benjamin says that he himself has found what he's looking for at a UU church. Bart responds to Ben's question, saying that he loves the UU movement but [...]

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