427: Recovering from Religion, with Gayle Jordan

Gayle Jordan is the Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Recovering from Religion, which connects people with support on their journeys out of religious faith. In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Gayle talks about her own deconversion story, the work of her organization, the helpline it operates, the common issues people face after losing or [...]

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426: Most meaningful episodes of other podcasts

In this episode, Bart Campolo talks about the most meaningful or humanizing episodes of other podcasts. It's 20 minutes of thoughtful recommendations! Here are the individual episodes we recommend most highly. To hear why they're recommended, listen to the episode! Enjoy. Hidden Brain: Creating God and The Vegetable Lamb RadioLab: From Tree to Shining Tree [...]

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425: Fathers and their sons, with Roman Campolo

Not every family allows you to listen in on their personal conversations. But in this episode, Bart Campolo sits down with his son Roman where they talk about fathers and sons, Bart's relationship with his dad Tony, competitiveness, choosing diplomacy over conflict, Bart's self-identity as a guy who doesn't put his best effort into succeeding, [...]

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424: REPRISE: Making the most of life, with Hemant Mehta

This classic conversation with The Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta, is one of the most shared episodes we've ever done. Hemant talks with Bart Campolo about squeezing more life out of our awareness of death, and making the most of the precious opportunity we have in our moments of consciousness. Hemant's popular blog can be found [...]

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423: How to change someone’s mind, with David Fleischer

Want to change someone's mind? David Fleischer, of the Los Angeles LGBT Center, has discovered more reliably than perhaps anybody else how to do it. As he puts it: "We’re the first to reduce any form of prejudice in a measurable, long-lasting way with a relatively simple intervention: a 10 minute one-on-one conversation that we [...]

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422: What if I find other people boring?

On Episode 420, we answered a question from a listener about gaining confidence in social situations. Bart Campolo's advice centered around showing curiosity in others, and making the interactions about the other people. But what if you don't find other people interesting? What if you're not curious at all about the people in these social [...]

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421: ‘Leaving the Witness’, with Amber Scorah

Amber Scorah was raised as a Jehovah's Witness. She tells the story of her 'deconversion' in her book, 'Leaving the Witness: Exiting a Religion and Finding a Life' (available HERE). In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Amber talks about what it was like to believe fully, what it's like to disbelieve now, how her relationships [...]

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420: How to become confident in social situations

This question is one about confidence: "I love the stuff you guys are doing about friendship, but I think it assumes a level of confidence in social situations that I don’t feel. How do I generate the kind of confidence that will enable me to initiate conversations or hold my own in social settings?" Bart [...]

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419: Restoration after tragedy, with Dr. Kate Wiebe

When a tragedy happens, people tend to run from the pain. Dr. Kate Wiebe runs toward it. Kate is the founder and director of the Institute for Trauma and Growth, which started with a focus on faith communities and has since expanded. When a mass shooting, disaster or other tragedy strikes, Kate and her team [...]

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418: How to grow your inner circle

On this week's episode of Humanize Me, Bart Campolo answers this question: "I just read an article saying that, like me, the average American has just one close friend, and 1 in 4 of us have none at all. I want to fight the 'loneliness epidemic' and have decided to make a really big effort [...]

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