Life After God: Me and Ryan Bell

I’ve been meaning to invite Ryan Bell to do a podcast with me for a while, but he beat me to it and we ended up having a great conversation. Part of the reason it went so well is that Ryan and I totally speak the same language, but it certainly didn’t hurt that he’s [...]

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Wonder-full Podcast #8: The Walking Dead

For those of you looking for a short, pithy, topical piece of audio, here it is! On this episode of the Wonder-full Podcast, my pal and collaborator John Wright explain why The Walking Dead may be the most humanistic program in the history of television. (17 mins) SPOILER ALERT: Skip from 6:35 to 8:00 to [...]

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Wonder-full Podcast #7: Massimo Pigliucci

I’m super excited about this podcast with philosopher Massimo Pigliucci, but it took me too long to get to Massimo’s best stuff about modern stoicism as a path to secular goodness. So then, unless you’re really hardcore, I suggest you skip ahead to 42:00, get the gist of the conversation, and then go back to [...]

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Wonder-full Podcast #6: Helen Stringer

Helen Stringer is the Executive Director at Kansas City Oasis, a secular community described by its founders as an innovative retreat for freethinkers. Oasis promises a safe place to learn, celebrate life, find social support and give back to the community. On this episode of the Wonder-full Podcast, Bart chats with Helen about what works [...]

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Listen: A Chat with The Friendly Atheist

I am a huge fan of Hemant Mehta, both online and in person, so it was a big thrill when he asked me to sit down and talk with him at A Conference Called Wonder in Atlanta. Hemant initially gained fame for "selling his soul" on eBay, but his Friendly Athiest blog and podcast long [...]

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Wonder-full Podcast #5: Jesse Graham

Jesse Graham is the principal investigator at USC's Values, Ideology, and Morality Lab, where he is looking hard at the principles that cause so much conflict and yet provide so much meaning to people's lives. He is particularly interested in how ideological and moral values shape behavior outside of our conscious awareness, and in how [...]

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Wonder-full Podcast #4: ‘Consider the Lobster’

Earlier this month, Ashley Bradford had an encounter with a lobster that he won't quickly forget. The encounter happened after he read an essay by the novelist David Foster Wallace called Consider the Lobster (2004, available in its 10-page glory HERE, or read the whole book). Ashley is an entrepreneur and technologist living and working [...]

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Wonder-full Podcast #3: Greg Epstein

Greg Epstein is the Humanist Chaplain at Harvard University, a New York Times bestselling author and ordained humanist rabbi. On this third episode of the Wonder-full Podcast, Bart chats with Greg about their shared mission to create communities of secular people promoting goodness in the pursuit of human flourishing. Subscribe to receive new episodes automatically. [...]

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Wonder-full Podcast #2: Peter Rollins

On this second installment of the Wonder-full Podcast, Bart enjoys a lively conversation with Peter Rollins, a writer, philosopher and public speaker from Belfast, Northern Ireland living and working in Los Angeles. Enjoy! LISTEN HERE

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Wonder-full Podcast #1: Roman Campolo

Welcome to the all-new Wonder-full Podcast with Bart Campolo! On this first episode, Bart's son Roman takes some time out of music-making to challenge his dad's humanist philosophy and admit not knowing yet what he believes or why. The Wonder-full Podcast can be found using your favorite podcast apps, and is available at [...]

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