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Humanize Me

with Bart Campolo

A weekly podcast about building great relationships, cultivating wonder, and making things better for other people. Hosted by veteran community-builder Bart Campolo, Humanize Me features friendly, thoughtful conversations with a wide array of scientists, activists, artists and oddballs.

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1403, 2018

Daniel Bogard is a Jewish rabbi who’s passionate about building bridges across faith and cultural borders.  He’s also a deep thinking, warm feeling, easy talking person with whom Bart has a terrific conversation about, well…a whole bunch of stuff.

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2802, 2018

Jennifer Wright-Berryman is a suicidologist in the School of Social Work at the University of Cincinnati and is currently the lead researcher for a peer-to-peer, school-based program called Hope Squad. Jennifer is an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati and has a PHD in Social Work from the University of Indiana.

You can find out more about her and her work by going to her website here. And to check out more info on the National Hope Squad program, go here.

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1602, 2018

Ryan Bell is a former pastor who became an atheist after spending a year without God as an experiment. He started and hosts the popular blog and podcast Life After God and is now both the National Organizing Manager for the Secular Student Alliance, as well as the new Humanist Chaplain at the University of Southern California, a position that Bart held before moving back to Cincinnati.

Follow Ryan and his work on Twitter at @ryanjbell.

The documentary about Bart and his father Tony is now available for screenings! You can find out more information here.


2901, 2018

What does a real apology look like? What is the difference between remorse and regret? Between saying sorry and asking for forgiveness? In this episode, Bart talks about how to make an authentic apology and shares some stories from his own life that have shaped his own apologies.

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1601, 2018

Ryan Meeks is the founding pastor of EastLake Community Church outside of Seattle, Washington. A couple of years ago, EastLake became one of the first evangelical megachurches in America to support full inclusion and affirmation of LGBTQ+ people. In the process, Ryan also transitioned out of evangelicalism.  The fallout was huge but still hundreds stayed and Ryan shares his story with Bart.

You can find more information about Ryan and his church  here.


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401, 2018

Sammy Rangel is a transformed man: a former far-right extremist who had a powerful change in his life and is now the Executive Director of Life After Hate, a nonprofit that works with ‘radicalized’ individuals in extremist movements and assists them in leaving the movements and reforming their lives (among other things).

More about Sammy’s story can be found HERE. Check out his TED Talk. Oh, and here’s his book.

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