Humanize Me 117: How to live when you know life is finite

Your life is going to end someday. How do you live when you know life is finite? In this clip, Bart Campolo and Hemant Mehta talk about the moments of connection, awareness and sensation that make life worth living to its fullest. It starts with a question by Hemant, recorded for his own podcast last summer: [...]

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Humanize Me 116: Help! My husband is teaching my kids about Hell

A listener writes with a problem: she's an atheist but her husband is still a strongly committed Christian who is teaching their kids that, if they don't accept Christianity, they'll go to Hell. What does she do? Bart gives a response with advice for those in a similar situation: how to communicate, what [...]

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Humanize Me 114: Lessons from a street canvasser

What can we learn from encounters with strangers on the street? On this week's episode of Humanize Me, Roman Campolo stops in to talk about the experience of canvassing for Greenpeace on the streets of Los Angeles. Included in this one: The code of the streets and common acknowledgement between homeless people and [...]

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Humanize Me 113: I’m not sure I can call you that

Someone has an unusual request for Bart that shines a light on how important it is, when you're really committed to showing love and support for others, to change your mind sometimes. In this short episode of Humanize Me, Bart tells the story of what happened. How would you have handled this situation? [...]

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Humanize Me 112: Learning from Improv

What can the art of improvisation teach us about how to life a good life? Holly Laurent met Bart years ago as a college student when both of them were Christians, and now they find each other both living in Los Angeles after 20 years. Holly is an actor, a writer, a teacher [...]

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Humanize Me 111: Thoughts on Orlando

Following Sunday's news of one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, Bart Campolo switches on the mic just long enough to reflect on it, on why he attended the Pride parade in Los Angeles hours after hearing the news, and why people have the urge [...]

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Humanize Me 110: Into The Magic Shop

Here's Bart's interview with a renowned neuroscientist who has a fascinating personal journey and ended up caring deeply about things like the power of compassion and altruism. James Doty is the author of Into The Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart. On [...]

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Humanize Me 108: Please Forgive Me!

This week's episode of Humanize Me comes late after Bart was swept away over Mother's Day with a visiting mom-in-law. The episode prompts a brief lesson in forgiveness when Bart realizes the inherent value of asking for, and offering, forgiveness for wrongs. (Bonus tip: it helps us bond as humans, and derives directly [...]

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