Humanize Me 109: A minister who doesn’t believe in God, and hasn’t told his wife

What do you do when you’re in a Christian marriage, you’re deep in church life, and secretly you don’t believe in God? Is it worth blowing up your whole life to try to be authentic with people about your lack of belief? Bart has some experience with a not-entirely-unsimilar situation to this listener, who wrote to him about it.

In this episode, Bart reads the email (starting at 7:50) and shares his thoughts about it. The broad strokes include:

  • How change is the only constant in long-term relationships
  • The oneness created by shared values and ideas, and what happens when those values become mismatched
  • The cost of authenticity and of coming out of the closet
  • How the theory of 10,000 hours of mastery may apply to faith and doubt
  • How the way you ‘come out’ may be just as important as whether you do
  • Humanist communities are going to be full of people like this guy, and how the secular community needs to respond

If this subject resonates with you, let Bart know by getting in touch HERE.


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About the Author:

Bart Campolo is a secular community builder, counselor and writer who currently serves as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati. Listen to his podcast HERE!