311: Women Who Explore with Lindsay MacNevin

Have you ever wanted to get into the outdoors more but been a little intimidated by other groups who do? Or do you find it hard finding groups where everybody is open to new friendships?

Women Who Explore is a community dedicated to getting women into the outdoors, and it’s ended up creating hundreds of new friendships in the process, all in the past year. Its co-founder, Lindsay MacNevin, is a Canadian former travel writer who joins Bart Campolo on this episode of Humanize Me to talk about her project.

It all started with a trip into the mountains with her sister Jenni, who is the other co-founder, and a bad experience with a group of female hikers. Now, women are meeting each other in scores of weekend and week-long getaways, bonding over their love of beautiful places, connecting over campfires and making legitimate, long-lasting friendships.

Also on this episode, Women Who Explore brand ambassador Melissa Wright jumps in to talk about her experience with Lindsay’s group.

The website can be found at WomenWhoExplore.com and their Instagram profile is HERE.

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Bart Campolo is a secular community builder, counselor and writer who currently serves as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati. Listen to his podcast HERE!