329: Becoming an ‘Evidist’ with Jeff Haley & Dale McGowan

Don’t worry; if you’ve never heard of ‘evidism’, you’re not alone. This is a term coined by the guests in this episode, inventor Jeff Haley and author Dale McGowan, to describe people committed to fact-based, evidence-based thinking.

In this conversation with Bart Campolo, Haley and McGowan talk about their book, Sharing Reality: How to Bring Secularism and Science to an Evolving Religious World, and their ideas for how to have better, more evidence-based conversations with people who have different worldviews.

They talk about how we know fact from fiction, the word ‘believe’, how we know the earth is round, evidence and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, bias and how we must all admit to having it, and how to talk to people of faith.


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About the Author:

Bart Campolo is a secular community builder, counselor and writer who currently serves as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati. Listen to his podcast HERE!