408: Is the paranormal proof of transcendent consciousness? with Mark Gober

Bart Campolo is a materialist, which means that he thinks that the physical universe and its movements are the basis of all reality, and that human consciousness, morality, meaning and everything else comes from physical nature.

So you may consider it odd that Bart would have Mark Gober on his podcast, whose book argues that science has proven the existence of consciousness beyond the human body. Gober says that there is evidence for the existence of phenomena like telepathy, precognition, remote viewing and psychokinesis, and that this evidence has convinced him that consciousness transcends the human brain.

Needless to say, Bart disagrees with this, but these kinds of views are common in our society, especially among people who are not part of ‘organized religion’. So, while this conversation is not a debate, it’s a lively discussion of why Mark thinks these claims are valid, particularly as someone who was once a materialist like Bart.

They hit on: What scientific evidence Marks thinks show that consciousness can happen outside the brain, that it predates matter and energy; Is creating your own meaning just rationalizing?; Is consciousness fundamental to the universe, expressing itself in different forms?

Here’s the article Mark cites in the American Psychologist journal by Etzel Cardeña:

A summary of CIA experiments (noting ‘methodological problems’) on remote viewing:

More on ‘cellular memory’, the idea that some aspects of consciousness can be influenced by cells in the rest of the body:

The coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy’s assassinations:

Bonus episode!

I had a very interesting conversation with my friend Ryan Meeks recently, who is the founder of Eastlake Church near Seattle. We talked about humanist content ideas, the music we should use, consciousness and more. It’s available at our Patreon page HERE for as little as a buck a month! Please support the show; it’s the only way we make it happen. Enjoy!


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Bart Campolo is a secular community builder, counselor and writer who currently serves as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati. Listen to his podcast HERE!