437: Three questions about navigating the holidays after faith

Thanksgiving has been and gone, and now we’re into a whole month of Christmas in America. How does one navigate a time that can be very tricky for those who have deconverted from faith? As one listener put it in our Facebook Group: “Am I the only one who feels like Jesus is my ex and all the decorations just remind me of our ****ed up relationship?” It turns out there’s a lot of that kind of painfulness at this time of year!

In this Q&A episode of our podcast, Bart Campolo tries to answer the following questions:

“My wife still believes. She is very bothered that I no longer believe. Advice on how to handle the tension? How much should I go along, for example, going to Christmas Eve service to keep her happy while still being true to myself?”

“My siblings and mom don’t do presents anymore, which is awesome. My biggest Christmas budget item is charity. My wife though, thinks presents are important and for the most part she handles her big family and that’s fine with me. But, as you can guess, it gets a little dicey between the two of us. So far, I’m just cutting back a little and seeing how it goes. Any suggestions?”

“I’ve recently de-converted, but I am still influenced by spiritual holiday trappings. What do you recommend?”

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About the Author:

Bart Campolo is a secular community builder, counselor and writer who currently serves as the Humanist Chaplain at the University of Cincinnati. Listen to his podcast HERE!