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Humanize Me

with Bart Campolo

A weekly podcast about building great relationships, cultivating wonder, and making things better for other people. Hosted by veteran community-builder Bart Campolo, Humanize Me features friendly, thoughtful conversations with a wide array of scientists, activists, artists and oddballs.

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1305, 2022

Bart responds to a question from a listener who says they have less tolerance for social interaction since society ‘opened back up’ after the pandemic lockdowns.


1504, 2022

Bart muses an experience he’s seen shared in therapy sessions recently: a former Christian who, in the process of re-evaluating their lives and their priorities, experiments with opening their relationship, and then runs into trouble. Is it a good idea? Bart has seen it work, but has lots of words of caution.


2603, 2022

After a podcast hiatus, Bart and John attempt to answer this listener question:

“When I read about the war in Ukraine, I find my stress level rising. I guess I could just avoid the news, but that doesn’t seem healthy either. How stressed out is it logical to be at this moment in history for an average American, and how much should I let it get in the way of enjoying my life?”


2001, 2022

Bart reflects on the state of the evangelical movement he was once a part of, particularly by taking a moment to see it through his father Tony’s lens.

Mentioned in the episode: Leaving My Father’s Faith, the documentary by John Wright, now available to watch in its entirety on YouTube.


1101, 2022

How should we deal with irrational or difficult people? And what are some good strategies for establishing healthy boundaries with such people in our lives?

As a very pro-social podcast, we realized this may be our weakness after we talked to Chrissy Stroop in Episode 618. Chrissy, a trans woman, told us she did not feel it her responsibility to keep toxic or unsupportive people in her life, and Bart pushed back because he feels building bridges across such divides is so important. Where should the healthy limits of our empathy, tolerance and relationship-building be set?

Mark Goulston is a psychiatrist, author, professor and consultant to corporations and large organizations who is known for a process called ‘surgical empathy’ among many other things. His book Talking to Crazy was the reason we wanted him on, but he has many others available everywhere books are sold.

In this conversation with Bart, Mark talks about validation therapy, the mirror neuron gap, surgical empathy, connecting with people in pain, the direct relationship between oxytocin and cortisol, awareness conversations versus advice conversations, givers, takers and receivers, assertive humility, the role of adrenaline in coping with trauma, Sharon Tate’s mom, the five ‘really’s, and more.

Mentioned in the episode:

Naomi Feil and Gladys Wilson in Russia
What made you smile today? on TED
The Nail


2812, 2021

Let’s be honest: some people just don’t inspire our empathy! In this last episode of 2021, Bart responds to a post on the Humanize Me Facebook Group, in which a woman feels unempathetic about consequences suffered by her sister due to the sister’s own bad decisions. She feels like “a bad person”, she says, but should she? And how should we feel about our own lack of empathy in such situations?

To resurrect a previous term on Humanize Me, this episode is a bit of a ‘salmagundi’: we also talk about Christmas traditions, whether kids who do good things just to stay on Santa’s ‘nice’ list are doing it for valid reasons, and about a Pew poll showing that people with no religious beliefs outnumber evangelicals for the first time in American history.

Mentioned in the episode: Check out our friends’ podcast, MEGA, a perfect satire of a megachurch. Wherever you found us, you can find them. Oh, and: Happy New Year!


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