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1512, 2016

Humanize Me 132: Storytelling and belief

By | December 15th, 2016|

Secular stories: On this episode, Bart chats with his old friend Mark Yaconelli about his latest project, The Hearth Community, gatherings in which people explore, craft, and share stories from what they have lived. They talk about how these gatherings compare to Christian church, how they’re different, and what role such things can play in shaping a secular world.

The website for the group Bart mentions in the beginning is HERE. Mark Yaconelli’s community site can be found at thehearthcommunity.com. Join the discussion on this episode HERE!

612, 2016

Humanize Me 131: To Err is Human

By | December 6th, 2016|

What to do when you’ve made a mistake. After all, we’re all human. Join the community of listeners to this podcast at the Facebook group HERE! Contact Bart HERE.

2311, 2016

Humanize Me 130: The internet is my religion

By | November 23rd, 2016|

That’s the name of Jim Gilliam’s book, wherein he describes his journey out of fundamentalist faith, through serious illness and into internet-facilitated activism and a software company that helps leaders connect with their people. In this episode, Bart chats at length with Jim at his offices in Los Angeles about connected humanity.

Buy Jim’s book HERE. Look at his software, NATIONBUILDER. Join your fellow Humanize Me listeners at the Facebook Group HERE.

1711, 2016

Humanize Me 129: A brick through the window

By | November 17th, 2016|

How does a secular humanist respond to the election by many of his fellow Americans of a brash, impulsive man who they know deep down doesn’t really care about them? Slowly. Thoughtfully. In this week’s episode, Bart reads aloud his careful thoughts on the election of Donald Trump, and advocates an approach which involves trying to understand those who voted for him and listening with compassion and curiosity.

The essay referenced in the podcast can be found HERE. Join the conversation HERE. Get in touch with Bart at bartcampolo.org/contact.

811, 2016

Humanize Me 128: Grace Without God

By | November 8th, 2016|

Like Bart, Katherine Ozment is trying to figure out how best to find meaning, purpose and belonging in a secular age. In this conversation Bart asks her about her journey, which is similar to so many stories we’ve been hearing recently from the audience of Humanize Me.

Check out Katherine’s website at katherineozment.com and grab a copy of her book, Grace Without God. Got some feedback about this episode? Reach Bart at bartcampolo.org/contact or join the Facebook Group HERE.

3110, 2016

Humanize Me 127: Moral Courage

By | October 31st, 2016|

Irshad Manji is an author, speaker and founder of the Moral Courage Project, espousing a ‘reformist’ interpretation of Islam. She’s featured in all kinds of media to speak out when others have wanted to shut her up, and chats with Bart here about a wide range of relevant and interesting subjects. Her books, The Trouble With Islam Today and Allah, Liberty and Love, have been translated into many languages and read around the world.

Irshad’s website can be found at irshadmanji.com. Discuss this episode at a burgeoning new Facebook Group called, appropriately enough, Humanize Me. Contact Bart atbartcampolo.org/contact.

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